19 May



In India we register the Proprietorship which is also called a Sole Proprietorship Firm or Company which is register under the Indian Proprietorship Act 1908. We require the following document to form a proprietorship firm or company.


Registration under  “INDIAN REGISTRATION ACT 1908”

  1. Benefits at the time taking Contracts from Govt. or other Agencies
  2. Identification of the PROP. of the Firm.
  3. Benefit in taking legal Action


  1. Prop. Name, Father’s Name, Residence Address
  2. Firm Name and Firm Address
  3. Two Photos of the Proprietor
  4. Objects of the Business
  5. One ID proof – Voter ID or DL or Passport
  6. One electricity bill or water bill of office premises.
  7. NOC from the landlord of the premises.
  8. Rent agreement
  9. Please also give us the date of commencement of business
  10. In case of sole proprietorship,  please attach an affidavit attested by notary
  11. public.
  12. Letter Head & Rubber Stamp ( Address & Prop.)

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