01 May
The MCA has issued General Circular No. 5/2011 dated 04.03.2011 and has
re-examined the process of allotment of Director's Identification
Number ("DIN") to be obtained under section 266B of the Companies
Act, 1956. It has stated that the present process is cumbersome and time
consuming and based on representations received that the documents
r e q u i r e d  t o  b e  s u b m i t t e d  s  h o u l d  b e  s  i m p l e  t o  p r o v e  t h e
existence/residence of a person who intends to become a director of a
company. Pursuant to the recommendations of the Group constituted to
examine this, and in order to speed up and simplify the process to obtain
a DIN, the following procedure is recommended :
• Application for DIN will be made on e-Form and that no physical
submission of documents shall be accepted and for this purpose
Scanned documents along with verification by the applicant will be 
attached with the e-Form. Only online fee payment will be allowed
i.e. no challan payment.
• The application can also be submitted online by the applicant himself
using his DSC.
• DIN 1 e-Form can be digitally signed by the professional who shall
also confirm that he has verified the particulars of the Applicant
given in the application.
• Where the DIN 1 is verified by the professional, the DIN will be
approved by the systemimmediately online.
• In other cases the DIN cell will examine the application and same
shall be disposed of within one or two days.
It is clarified that penal action will be taken as per provisions of section
628 of the Act against the applicant and the professional certifying the
DIN application in case of false information / certification in addition to
action for professional misconduct and revocation of DIN allotted on
false information. In this manner, allotment of DIN will take place on the
same day. This procedure will also apply to filing of DIN 4 for intimating
changes in particulars of Directors. The above procedure will be
applicable fromthe date of issue of a notification for the purpose which is
being separately issued.

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